story time with gaydar:

went to an art gallery in chelsea halled hauser and wirth yeah so then it's a collab between a father and son (paul and damon mccarthy) right so the long and short of itis that that's a fine line between niche pornography and modern art like

it was definitely some sort of commentary on the seedy and unglamorous side of hollywood but literally there were large projections of a naked cheese bath, this old actor basically raping a younger female actor and stunt doubles and like it was weird weird weird

cheese on a dick that might have been smegma idk

depictions of rape??

have a read: http://artobserved.com/2013/07/new-york-paul-and-damon-mccarthy-rebel-dabble-babble-at-hauser-and-wirth-through-july-26th-2013/

basically old man dick = bad but there was a younger actor and i was aight with thatbut stiLL

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